My Cafe: Recipes and stories are one of the best games where players need to manage all the aspects of a restaurant. The game was developed by Melsoft game for android and iOS platforms. The players need to complete the order of all the customers. In my café game, you need to decorate the restaurant in such a way that attracts the customer.

 Have you ever noticed that why the name of the game is My Cafe: Recipes and stories?

It has solid reasons that engage you to play the game. Here the players need to serve the dish to the correct customers and make a social relationship with them. Through this, the customers share some stories with you. That’s why the name was formed.


When it comes to features, a player always admires to have some concept to learn gameplay. These are:

•         Make a perfect design of the restaurant and decorate according to that aspect. It is quite difficult for you to make an ideal combination of furniture. So making the design first is the best option.

•         Those who like to make a cake then here they will get the opportunity. Whatever kind of cake they want to make they can.

•         Management is one of the main aspects of the gaming section. You need to manage all the things from time to time. Those who are unfamiliar with the game they may face several problems, but at last, they will make it easy.

Thus, these are some feature of My Café: Recipes and stories. Try to manage all the things in a proper way.

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