Most of the people are today connect with the internet, and they all are very active in online activities. In recent times the best pastime is mobile gaming, and many online users are also playing games.  Several types of mobile games are available in the market, and we can also get any one of them for enjoyment and pleasure. The most trending game is Adventure Capitalist, and it is a stunning game with business activities. If you want to become the richest man in the world in virtual life, then you can download the game. It is effortless to download and handy for the mobile device. Various part of the game is related to business, so we talk about management options.

Role of the manager

The manager is essential for growing and expanding the business. In the game, three different categories of manager are used namely normal, accountant and discount. Each manager has a unique name so you can easily recognize them. Further, they are classified in other names like earth, moon, and mars.

Earth manager

You will start the business with lemon shop and many other small works. On earth manage you can select the manager to handle these types of jobs. You easily select the manager at the manager tap and along with name service charger is also tagged. They are increasing your progress bar easily and get some rewards for you.

Moon manager

Moon manager is only for some moon business like moon shoe shop, gravity booth and oxygen bar and many more. You will change any manager, but it is not easy because for a new one you have to pay more money for him.

Mars manager

The game is full of business, and you can grow the business on a different planet by getting Adventure Capitalist Hack. Mars manager is responsible for attending business like red dirt, heck portal and buggies and many more. Always go with affordable manager tap.

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