Battle for the throne of seven kingdoms and unlock strong army and dragons. The Game of Thrones Conquest is a mobile game, and without any doubt that it is one of the best strategy simulation games. Game of Thrones Conquest is a multiplayer game so the gamers can play with each other and compete with others too. The developers of the game have made the game so addictive, also with some amazing features one of those games that gamers prefer. The main thing in the game is that you have to take over the seven kingdoms by playing with strategies and skills.

Guide to progress the game

As I mentioned above that the main thing to do in the game is that players have to take over the seven kingdoms in various ways. To know about the game read below and know more about it –

v  Complete each and every level

v  Win the battles from other players to take over various regions

v  Protect your realm and people to be a strong ruler

v  Play player vs. player battles

v  Enhance the strategies by taking part in political tasks

All these points are enough to understand how every player can be a great ruler. There are so many rewards also available in Game of Thrones Conquest, but these tasks needed to be completed. Player vs. player battles is the most admired thing in it because it required great strategies and strong army to attack and win.

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