Langrisser is a role-playing game that is based on the series. Masaya Games created the game and developed by the team of Career Soft. The platform where it can be played is PC engine, Window phones, and many others. The first series was released on 26 April 1991, and the latest update was released on 23 July 2015. When the player is playing the game, they will earn some currencies for further experiences. Each game has fix currencies, but if the user wants unlimited currencies, then they can use Langrisser Cheats.

As it is the role-playing game so, it is divided into two situations. Each has a different story and battle interaction. These are:

  • Battle system
  • Non-linearity

Battle system

The outset of the battle, the commanders, is standing on the map and hired units. The combat always follows the system and give directions about the struggle. The groups for battling the command range get the bonus for attacking the opponents. Through the commands, you will defense form the opponent attack. If in any case if the commander will get injured, through the bonus, he will again recover the life which depends on the game.  In the first level, the commander will receive 3 health points which he can use to save a life.


The Langrisser offers non-linear paths and different ending sections. The player has the choice to select the route and the action style. In the entire role-playing game, there are four paths, and each path leads to different ending and have more than 75 scenarios. In the series their level or part you will introduce with a relationship system. It depends on the users that what they will select a relationship or action task.

So, these are two situations where you need to select. As an action lover, you can choose the action task, or if you want to make a relationship, then you can choose the related task.

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